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Birthdate:Jun 4
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
hello, i'm avery.

Interests (150):

a good book, a lack of clothing, after rain smells, all of us together, always, always my jake, always their avery, androgyny, angels, apples, azizi, being at home, being carried by jack, being cheerful, being consumed in love, being cranky, being from a bog, being in love, being incredibly sappy, being insane, being loved, being perpetually happy, being sane, being scared of girls, being with them, big beds, bogs, bollywood, boredom, bosie, bouncing!, boxers, brushing my teeth often, candy floss, carrying on about nothing, chanot, chasing penguins, cinemas, completion, computers, cuddling, cuddling with jake, dogs and cats equally, entertainment, eyeliner, fingering chanot, flambouyant drinking songs, flat-sharing, garden paths, grass, harry potter, having shiny teeth, hiding and not seeking, hiding in cupboards, holding hands with jake, indoors, insanity, jack, jack's brogue, jack's tight trousers, jacob michael griffith, jake, jake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, jake's arms, jon heder, king kong, kissing jack, kissing jake hello, laughing, little annabelle, little brothers, long letters, lord alfred douglas, lord of the rings, love, loving jack, making no sense, making perfect sense, me and jake, music, my babies, my jake, my lorry pyjamas, my mum, my stradivarius, mysanthropic tendencies, napoleon dynamite, never letting go, not crying to sleep, not getting out much, not smoking anymore, oscar wilde, oscar wilde's peculiar relationship, outdoors, paradoxes, peace, piggyback rides, playing dress up, playing my violin, playing the violin, pools, possibly annoying others, possibly overdoing things, possibly scaring others, private jets, quiet, rain, reading, revising, rugby, school, sex, showers, sitting, sleeping, sleeping a lot, smacking jack's bum, small beds, snow, someday marrying jake&jack, sometimes a bad book, south africa, straddling, studying, sulking loudly, sun, take away homesickness, tea, telling giant lies, the golden girls, the graduate, the green jumper, the park bench, the sleepy daddy, them, theodore and ellen, ties, top hats and tailcoats, troop beverly hills, tumult, unbroken promises, walking on my hands, walks with jake, warm beachy wind, warm beds with jake, warm blankets, watching, watching films, watching telly, x-men
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